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Lifestyle Photographer | Located in Mercer Cnty, NJ
Ava Snow Shoot_2.7.21_210207_BPD_1630 copyAva Snow Shoot_2.7.21_210207_BPD_1624 copyAva Snow Shoot_2.7.21_210207_BPD_1675Snow with Sun Setting_AvaSnow Scene AvaSnow Scene Ava with CoatFB Ava Swimsuit-4393FB Ava Swimsuit--5candid winter photoFB Ava Swimsuit-4514FB Ava Swimsuit-FB Ava Swimsuit-4559FB Alyssa--10Fb Alyssa--6FB Alyssa--5FB Alyssa--2FB Alyssa--4snowy candid picholiday candid portraitcandid park photo